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Geek Alert: Unveiling the Wonders of SUPIMA® Cotton

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Prepare to geek out on all things textile! If you're content with simply enjoying exquisitely crafted, responsibly sourced apparel without diving into the intricate world of fabric production, you might want to pause here. But for those of us who revel in the process, let's embark on a fascinating journey.

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In the realm of cotton, SUPIMA® reigns supreme. The term itself is a fusion of "Superior" and "Pima," signaling the pinnacle of excellence in American-grown Pima cotton. Renowned for its Extra Long Staple (ELS) fibers, SUPIMA® cotton boasts a lineage tracing back to the Nile River Valley in Egypt. Originally cherished for its unparalleled quality, this cotton variety became synonymous with luxury bedding and linens for centuries.

Not Everything is Supima®

However, not all cotton is created equal. As demand surged, lesser-quality varieties flooded the market, diluting the essence of true ELS Pima cotton. Many still associate their budget-friendly "Egyptian Cotton" sheets with the opulence of renowned brands like Frette or Sfarra, but the truth is far from it. The disparity in price reflects the undeniable superiority of ELS cotton, offering a remarkably softer and smoother fabric owing to its elongated fibers.

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ELS Cotton

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Around a quarter-century ago, efforts to cultivate superior ELS Pima cotton outside Egypt gained traction.

Peru emerged as a prominent producer, but the epicenter of success lies in the American Southwest and West, championed under the prestigious SUPIMA® label. With a steadfast commitment to quality control, the United States established stringent standards overseen by the SUPIMA® organization. This ensures that every step, from farming to harvesting, adheres to exacting criteria, safeguarding the integrity of the SUPIMA® brand.

From the Start From its inception, "The Aaina Khan Label" has exclusively utilized SUPIMA® cotton in its garments, proudly showcasing its presence in any product bearing its name. While other luxury brands embrace this premium material, the label remains a rare gem in the wholesale apparel sector, offering blank garments crafted from SUPIMA® cotton. Recognizing that mainstream demand often prioritizes affordability over quality, the label caters to the discerning 1% who value excellence above all else.

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