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  • Introducing our Egyptian Cotton Concept Squareshirt—a versatile shirt-dress option designed to elevate your wardrobe. Inspired by Asian accents, this shirt features a unique 'Obi' shaped belt that can be knotted to cinch the waist for a corset-like effect or folded for a classic look. With broad "kimono sleeves" for a Japanese touch, it offers versatility with an additional set of buttons to customize the cuff fit. Whether worn casually or for formal occasions, it's a versatile and adaptable choice.


    For personalised embroidery

    For an extra fee, any of our shirts may be customised with embroidery. Send us an email on or WhatsApp us on +91 7400486343. 


    Egyptian Cotton Concept Squareshirt

      • Oversized passform

      • Details that are amusing

      • Hidden buttons

      • Sleeves in the style of a kimono with adjustable cuffs for versatility

      • Tough shirt collar

      • Cuffs that are wide

      • The distinctive two-piece and diagonally lined carrier from TAK

      • Asian-inspired Obi sash